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Keeth House II

Experience Natural Living

The two-level, octagon-shaped cottage is a multifunctional house designed to meet all your needs.

On the ground floor is the living area with generous seating and a designated workspace. The kitchen consists of necessary utensils, a small fridge and drinking water. The bathroom has a sink made of natural stone, a spacious modern shower and some indoor foliage.

The first floor has an open bedroom with two king-size beds comfortable for a group of 4. The high Keeth roof combined with the open ventilation keeps the air inside cool and fresh at all times.

The sweetest spot of the house is the spacious balcony facing the forest. From bird-watching in the morning to moonlight dinner in the night, you can spend all day here with your friends, clicking instagrammable pictures and making countless memories.

Whether you're looking for a long workcation or just a weekend away for with friends, there's no place better than Keeth house ll.